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Commercial Type:
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Los Feliz
Font Bureau:
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House Industries:
Casa Latino! Luxury Luxury Text Neutraface Neutraface Condensed Neutraface No. 2 Neutraface Slab Simian
Neue Haas Grotesk

2004. Art Directed by Ken Barber and Andy Cruz. Released by House Industries.

Everyone involved with Neutraface was surprised by its popularity, so I immediately started work on this condensed version so we could follow it up while people were still interested. Unfortunately, it turned out to be grueling work; decisions that had been easy in the original (in which everything stemmed from the O and o being near-perfect circles) were very difficult in the condensed. It took three versions to settle on the right width, and two more to get the caps and lowercase looking like they belonged together. There was also the problem of differentiating it from a crowded field - it couldn't look too much like Futura, Nobel, Gotham, or Relay, or it wouldn't be worth doing. In the end, the quirks inherited from the original and the open apertures make it somewhat unique, as far as condensed geometric sans serifs go. Unique enough, I think.

Thin, Light, Medium and Bold weights, plus Titling.