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2006. Designed with Dino Sanchez. Released by House Industries.

As we mention on the main Luxury page, we added a text face to the family when it was re-released by House Industries in 2006. Although it's really been overshadowed by the more entertaining display faces, I think it's the most interesting (and probably the most useful) part of the family. We were inspired by Aldo Novarese's Augustea Nova, Roman inscriptional caps reinterpreted as a Latin. It's fairly common to see Augustea Open these days, but his lowercase apparently didn't survive the transition to phototype, and I've only ever seen it in one Nebiolo foundry specimen. The is simply an attempt to be as un-calligraphic as possible, and doesn't draw from any specific historical source.

In all-caps or small caps, the influence from Roman inscriptional lettering is much more obvious, especially with some extra tracking.

The details are so sharp that it's almost a text face in name only, although it does seem to do well on uncoated paper. The long ascenders and descenders demand generous leading. In spite of all this, it has the small caps, fractions, superscripts, subscripts, etc. that people expect in a text face these days.

Roman, Italic and Bold