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2009-2010. Designed with Kris Sowersby and Erik Spiekermann. Greek designed by Panos Haratzopoulos. Cyrillic designed by Alexandra Korolkova and Olga Umpeleva at Paratype. Released by FontFont.

While FF Unit is FF Meta's "grown up sister", FF Unit Slab and FF Meta Serif are more like second cousins. While Meta's seriffed companion plays up all of the organic quirks found in the original sans, Unit Slab's serifs are decidedly no-nonsense and un-selfconscious.

The sturdy and plain forms of the original lent themselves to a very straightforward serif treatment, inspired in part by mid-20th century typewriters, particularly where serifs have been left off of the left sides of stems to keep the counterforms open. This typeface made its debut in the corporate identity of edenspiekermann_, Erik Spiekermann's new Berlin- and Amsterdam-based design consultancy.

Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Ultra, with small caps, italics, and italic small caps