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2011. Designed with Vincent Chan. Commissioned by Florian Bachleda at Fast Company. Available for licensing via Village, under the new and improved name of "Kommissar".

As part of his redesign of Fast Company, Florian Bachleda needed a condensed sans to complement the new general-purpose sans and slab families. Together we found a very boxy and stripped down condensed sans in an old German specimen book, which had some potential, but a quick digitization of a handful of characters proved that it was a little too dry and boring in layouts. Florian and his design staff had come across the condensed styles of Paul Renner's Plak, and asked if we might be able to synthesize a new condensed sans that had the distinctive traits of the first, with no contrast and flat corrections on the arches and bowls in characters like h m n r and a b d p q g; with the roundness and wandering uppercase crossbar heights of Plak. Vincent Chan joined the project at this point, first figuring out how to make this marriage of styles work, then expanding the family out to a full range of weights in three progressively narrower widths. In the heaviest weights, we ended up with a taste of the future as predicted in the 1970s.

See some examples of the family in use in the Commercial Type news section.

Thin, Extralight, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black weights in Normal, Condensed and XCondensed widths.