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2013. Formerly known as Zizou Sans. Commissioned by Florian Bachleda at Fast Company. Available now from Commercial Type.

I've read a lot of (possibly apocryphal) stories about musicians developing some of their best-known songs, and even their entire signature styles, by trying to play music they loved from memory and getting it so wrong that it became something new. Duplicate Sans was an exercise in applying this methodology to type design: it originally began as my attempt to draw Antique Olive from memory, but ended up with its own distinct personality. I surprised myself with what I remembered correctly (i.e. the swing to the top of the bottom bowl in the lowercase a, and the distinctive top of the lowercase t), but was impressed by just how wrong I was able to get certain things. So much for my photographic memory for type! Florian Bachleda at Fast Company was looking for a new general-purpose sans and slab family for a top-to-bottom redesign, so I finished this family up, along with its slab counterpart, over the spring of 2011. He liked that it was simple enough to use for blocks of text, but had enough personality that he didn't have to do a whole lot to make it look interesting when he used it for large feature headlines. See some examples of it in use in the Commercial Type news section.

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