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Please note that, except where indicated, these typefaces are not available for licensing.

Amplitude Classified Amplitude Headline Big Black Book Stencil Brunel Caponi Farnham Headline Houston Kaiser (NEW) Popular Corporate Design:
Bosch Deutsche Bahn Eero Empire State Building Harrison Munich Re Group Symantec

2004-2005. Commissioned by Mark Porter at The Guardian. Designed with Paul Barnes. Available for licensing from Commercial Type.

Matthew Carter's Miller News, commissioned by Simon Esterson for his 1998 update and tightening of The Guardian was another hard standard to live up to. Rather than using typical newspaper text faces as a starting point, we focused on coming up with something clean and comfortable to read, trusting that it would look approprately newsy as a side effect of it matching with the headline faces and being legible on news pages.

The Egyptian was the most logical place to start, and we didn't need to push it very far to make it into a workable text face. We added some wedge-shaped ball terminals on characters like 'a' and 'f' to even out the color, opened up the tracking, and drew a simpler, less angled italic. The text italic is much closer to the Hugh Hughes Egyptian Italic, and has little Granjon influence. The text Bold has quite a bit more contrast than the Egyptian Bold, to keep the counters from filling in.

Roman and Bold weights with italics, plus Roman Small Caps, in 4 grades; Medium and Black with italics, plus Medium Small Caps.

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