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Please note that, except where indicated, these typefaces are not available for licensing.

Amplitude Classified Amplitude Headline Big Black Book Stencil Brunel Caponi Farnham Headline Houston Kaiser (NEW) Popular Corporate Design:
Bosch Deutsche Bahn Eero Empire State Building Harrison Munich Re Group Symantec

2004-2005. Commissioned by United Designers for Deutsche Bahn AG. Designed with Erik Spiekermann. Not available for relicensing.

Designed for the DB's internal newspaper, the News version is an odd hybrid: it's a true slab serif, but retains many of the oldstyle details and proportions from the serif face.

The various elements of the face are reduced to their most basic forms. Serifs are shorter, for tighter spacing, contrast is reduced, ball terminals are sharply cut, and round characters are narrowed to squeeze in a few more characters per line.

The italic angle is decreased, and softer details also take on a more chiselled appearance here.

Regular and Bold with italics, plus Regular Small Caps.

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