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Amplitude Classified Amplitude Headline Big Black Book Stencil Brunel Caponi Farnham Headline Houston Kaiser (NEW) Popular Corporate Design:
Bosch Deutsche Bahn Eero Empire State Building Harrison Munich Re Group Symantec

2008. Commissioned by Colin Tunstall at Esquire's Big Black Book. Not available for licensing.

Back in 1999 or 2000 I started a typeface based on a stencilled "25" I saw in a photo in an exhibit on Bilbao. I put it away and didn't think about it again until Colin Tunstall spotted it on my site and asked me if I might like to finish it for him. I tried to talk him into using an existing stencilled Modern, but he insisted that Bilbao had something unique about it, so I worked to make it a bit more unique (and less like Le Corbousier's favorite stencil) by borrowing some interesting bits and pieces - particularly the figures - from Deberny & Peignot's early 20th century Moderns, which built on Didot's legacy but were decidedly less systematic and "perfect".

Between this, Stag Stencil, Neutraface Slab Display Bold Stencil, and a set of Stag Sans Black Stencil caps I drew as a favor for a book project, 2008 was my year of stencils. When it rains it pours.