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Addison Bailey Bitmaps Boyband Elektro Farnham Cyrillic Nameplate Pennsylvania Cyrillic Vendôme

1998. Based on Vendôme by François Ganeau. Unreleased.

I've never been able to find a decent digital version of this Fonderie Olive face, designed by François Ganeau in 1952, so I decided to digitize my own, give it a "proper" italic rather than the sloped roman of the original, add small caps and oldstyle figures, and draw the whole thing in at least two optical sizes. A colleague of mine suggested that Vendôme seems to be a parody of Deberny & Peignot's version of Garamond, so that was going to be the basis for a lot of the work. Partway through, like with so many projects, I lost interest, (in part because it turned out to be very difficult to work out the logistics for licensing the design and name from the Ganeau's descendents and the legal successors to Fonderie Olive, and in part because my "proper" italic wasn't working aesthetically) and later realized that what I really wanted to draw was not an agressively spiky Garamond but an agressively spiky Flieschman: Farnham.

Various styles.