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2003. Commissioned by Roger Black at Danilo Black, Inc., for the Houston Chronicle. Available to publication designers through the Font Bureau Studio Library.

As far as I know, this typeface is the first Venetian Oldstyle ever drawn for newspaper text, and only Roger Black could come up with such a brilliant and bizarre idea. The basic structures are based on British Monotype's Italian Old Style, which was based on William Morris's Golden Type. The italic (particularly the alternate italic used in feature sections) also borrows from Nebiolo Jenson Oldstyle, and there is a hint of ATF Jenson Oldstyle in places as well. The Bold has much shorter serifs than the Roman, so it can be spaced tightly

Roger originally wanted this face for headlines only, inspired by the great Jenson headlines in the Hearst papers of the 1920s. Because of a misunderstanding and a bad cell phone connection, I threw together a text version for testing at the same time. Nobody thought it would work, but they threw it into a press test anyway, and the Chronicle's horribly overinked presses turned out the be the perfect environment for it. None of the traditional news text faces we were looking at even compared.

Regular and Bold weights with italics in Text, Deck, and Headline sizes.