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Amplitude Classified Amplitude Headline Big Black Book Stencil Brunel Caponi Farnham Headline Houston Kaiser (NEW) Popular Corporate Design:
Bosch Deutsche Bahn Eero Empire State Building Harrison Munich Re Group Symantec

2004-2005. Commissioned by Upsala Nya Tidning and the Arizona Daily Star. Available to publication designers through the Font Bureau Studio Library.

Amplitude's dramatic ink traps don't have the same appeal to newspaper designers that they do to magazine designers. Headline typefaces, ironically, really need to be able to recede to the background, so their personality doesn't interfere with their ability to be appropriate for fluffy stories and hard news.

Amplitude Headline has its inktraps smoothed and some of the top-heavy weight distribution evened out, to give it a less intrusive presence on the page. The spacing also needed to get a lot tighter. I was afraid that these changes would ruin the face and turn it into a bland 21st century Franklin Gothic clone, but the open apertures, contrast where strokes come together, and tension between round exterior curves and boxy counterforms keep it looking like Amplitude. Ultimately it really does work better on the news page when its more ostentatious details are smoothed away.

I've only drawn two of the narrower widths so far, but I plan to finish the family out sometime soon.

Compressed and Condensed widths in Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Ultra weights.